Vision and Learning Websites
Article and news video from ABC
A site with great visual information by the Kansas Vision Development Center, Wichita, Kansas
Use this screening to help determine if you or your child is having visual diffculities.
Also from the Kansas Vision Development Center
"is a national non-profit education, resource and support organization whose mission is to raise public awareness of the crucial relationship between vision and achievement."
"Welcome to the world of visualization—where children learn to learn better, achieve more and build confidence."
Information on vision and vision therapy

Directories of Optometrists with
Expertise in Vision Therapy

All Optometrists receive basic training in vision therapy, however only a few have taken additional training or have passed an exam to assess their expertise in this area.  There are two organizations that track the skills of their members in this area are:
Those that complete an examination are called Fellows of COVD or use the credentials, FCOVD
 Look for an Optometrist who has specialized in Binocular Vision and Perception.

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