The Effects of TV

This is a great book with a wide variety of ideas of things your children can do instead of watching T.V.

A note from Carrie:  I have noticed that most children tend to demonstrate negative behaviors after watching too much TV.  Just think of it, the child is generally sitting still (not getting vestibular input)  and not getting feedback from muscles moving (proprioceptive input).  The brain also  perceives the flickering of the screen, goes into overload and "shuts down" or quiets most other systems is the body. This leaves people fatigued and with less energy than when they started.

The real test is when the television is turned off.  Is your child still compliant and cooperative or is he or she lethargic, grouchy and unwilling to comply with your requests?  If the later is the case, consider decreasing the length of time your child sits in front of the TV.  For children that struggle with regulation, I recommend only half an hour, up to 45 minutes at the most, during one sitting.  Consider doing an old-fashioned intermission during full length movies.  Use the time to move around, get a drink, or talk about the film so far.  I've had parents who were amazed at the improvement in their child's behavior once TV watching was cut back to a reasonable amount.

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