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Sensory Processing Differences
Mary Sue Williams and Sherry Shellenberger teach parents/educators/OTs about sensory modulation in "How Does Your Engine Run?" and "Take Five"  "How Does Your Engine Run?"  is a manual providing lessons plans to  help teach children methods to  improve self-regulation.  "Take Five" contains activities to use for modulation.
Sensory defensiveness is a serious sensory modulation problem that is often misidentified and infrequently treated effectively. This workshop will introduce an in-depth, clinical approach to treating sensory defensiveness and the plethora of seemingly illogical behaviors that are often seen as secondary issues. Presented by Patricia Wilbarger, MEd, FAOTA & Julia Wilbarger, PhD, OTR. 
"An intensive four day course combining lecture, workshop, and video demonstration addressing Sensory Integrative Dysfunction in those with developmental and learning disorders. Training will focus on intervention across interdependent systems: motor, sensory, emotional relational, communication and cognitive problem solving" .
Diana A. Henry, MS, OTR/L and Henry OT Services, Inc. offer school based and individual occupational therapy services. Included in their services are products and workshops offered across the USA and internationally. Their mission is to promote understanding and awareness of issues related to sensory processing, sensory integration and the sensory systems.  Diana's  information teaches how to make modifications to the school and home environments to support improved success and participation for children.
"Professional Development Programs sponsors cutting edge and popular continuing education workshops and symposia of interest to professionals who provide services to children and adults with special needs."
Take courses from Laura Barker (Sensory Processing website) or Angela Sallerson (OTRNY website)  to learn how sensation affects brain chemistry and circuitry and how to incorporate them into daily life using the Ready Approach, based on Bonnie Hanschu's work.
"At this point the focus and direction of TheraPeeds Inc. has culminated in the marriage of Julia Harper’s two passions: teaching and servicing pediatrics. With her vision, TheraPeeds seeks to be the foremost leader in professional consultations, focusing on providing high quality direct services to clients and parents, and providing strong support to the therapists who will be directly impacting the lives of children with disabilities."
USC/WPS  provides training classes and materials for the Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests (S.I.P.T.) administration.  The first course is devoted to learning about theory of Sensory Integration.   After attending the courses, knowing the groupings or patterns of sensory integrative dysfunction helps tremendously in interpreting the data collected from other assessments and observations.

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